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Made in Italy On Line

Welcome to Made In Italy On Line. Created in February, 1995, we hope to bring to viewers around the world the information they seek about things Italian including fashion, food, wine, shopping, and travel. We’re working on adding new sections to this web that will include everything about industrial design from vegetable peelers to home furnishings and architecture. Culture will include sections on pop and fine art, pop and classical music, sculpture, literature, cinema, theater, and other subjects. For more about Made In Italy On Line please click on the link “About Us” in the left hand column or here. We welcome your comments and requests for improving Made In Italy On Line, please contact us at: Made In Italy On Line

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 Tribue to Gianni Versace with interviews with other designers.

"It's a Dog's Life"
TAZIO 1985-1998
FANGIO 1985-1999
A Tribute to Man (and Woman's) Best Friends, Tazio and Fangio.

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